About Us

Cheniere-Drew Water System, Inc. was incorporated on October 23, 1969, the date when corporate existence began. Incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation under the Louisiana Non-Profit Corporation Law. The corporation is a member owned water service utility. Starting with under 200 customers it has grown to service over ten thousand customers today.

The day to day business of the “system” is governed by a seven (7) member board of directors. The annual membership meeting is held each year on the second Tuesday in January. From among their membership, directors are elected to serve on the board by the member/owners of the corporation. Directors are elected to serve a two (2) year term. The board members then elect board officers from among the directors.

The water system consists of two separate public water systems. Almost divided equally in half by Interstate 20 running east and west through the parish. The northern half of the system is Public Water Supply No.1073100 with five (5) production wells. The southern half is Public Water Supply No. 1073099 with two (2) production wells. Approximately 85% of the systems customers are located on the northern system.