Bill Payment

It is the Policy of the Board of Directors of Cheniere-Drew Water System to provide customer billings and collection procedures that will allow the systems customers to be treated equitably, fairly and honestly. The billing and collection system, as directed by the Board, help insure the continued viability of the member owned system. The Board of Directors will continue to maintain an open and fair atmosphere in all aspects of billings and collections in the member owned system.

Board Procedures for implementing the above policy:

1. General:

a. No member or user on the system will receive free service.
b. Customers will pay bills for service received in accordance with the terms set forth by the System at a time and place so designated by the board of directors.
c. Customers will pay a deposit to guarantee payment for services received. Deposits will remain in the control of the System for as long as the customer remains with the system.
d. Customers subject to termination of water service will be charged a service fee in accordance with the fee schedule of the system.

2. Customer Deposits:

a. Customers may apply the deposit toward payment of the final bill at the time of service termination with any remainder to be refunded within 45 days.
b. Customers with service termination due to non-payment will have deposit applied to the account as necessary to satisfy arrears prior to actual termination of water service. An additional deposit as determined by the board, or the board’s representative will be required prior to restoration of service. If the customers deposit is greater than the total amount owed including late charges, the balance of the deposit will be refunded to the customer within 45 days of service termination as in 2 a. above. In no event will water service be restored without a full and complete deposit and all arrears paid in full, or a signed and completed deferred payment plan is approved by the systems representative. No customer or member may have more than one open deferred payment plan at any time.

3. Billing Of Customers:

a. Customers will be billed for service monthly. However should the need arise the Board may alter the billing cycle as deemed necessary or appropriate by the Board in accordance with the By-laws of the Corporation.
b. Water meters will generally be read between the 20th and 25th day of each month.
c. Bills will generally be mailed on or about the 1st day of each month. Water consumption and Sewerage will be billed as separate items on the bill in accordance with established rates. Sales tax if any will be billed as a separate item on the bill.

4. Terms Of Payment:

a. Payment of bills is due by the 15th of each month.
b. Payments made for service after the 15th day and before the last day of the month will incur a penalty equal to ___% of the water bill.
c. Bills not paid by the 5th of the following month of service are subject to disconnection.

5. Policy Changes:

a. These procedures are subject to change as required and voted on by the Board of Directors.

The representative of Cheniere-Drew Water System, Inc. can consider for adjustment only those bills for water service that are brought to his/her attention by “The Customer”.

Adjustments will be considered only when the water service bill is greater than three (3) times the customers average water consumption for the previous three months, and/or the same month in the previous twelve month period.

The Following Guidelines Will Apply!

1. Any request for adjustment must be in writing, and from the customer. It must explain the reason for the abnormal bill.
2. No adjustment will be considered without proof from the customer in the form of a statement, invoice for parts, and or repair order from a licensed plumbing contractor that the reason for the abnormal bill was repaired.
3. The system representative after hearing all pertinent information may make and adjustment to the billing in an amount not greater than $50.00 ($100.00 effective 1/1/2018) or the amount of the abnormal billing, which ever is less.
4. If the customer is unable to pay the full balance due, a deferred payment plan can be completed for the balance owed.

Board policy is to provide fair and equitable dealings regarding collections for water usage. Also, Board policy is to pursue legal action when necessary to collect past due accounts. The legal cost of this collection procedure is to be paid by the water user/customer.

1. Notification of Customer:

a. Customers who fail to pay the entire amount due by the last day of the month as defined in the Terms of Payment, will be subject to termination of water service by the ____ day of the following month.
b. Customers with unpaid bills on the _____ day of the month will be notified by mail that water service is subject to termination by the _____ day of the following month, unless payment is made in full.
c. Customers subject to a deferred payment plan, as outlined below, who fail to make payment within 3 working days of the date specified in the deferred payment plan will be notified by mail that they are subject to termination of service within 10 days, if payment is not received. Provisions of policy pertaining to termination as water service for non-payment as set forth below apply.

2. Rights of Customer to Receive Hearing:

a. A hearing will be granted only if requested by the customer.
b. All customers have a right to appeal and obtain a hearing at which time notification of adjudication and correction of errors will be made by the systems representative.

3. Hearing of customer appealing Notice of Termination of water service

a. The system representative (the Systems Office Manager) is designated as the representative for hearing customer appeals of Notice of Termination of water service. The representative is authorized to correct errors of the system and adjusts the amount due the system, receive payment to satisfy the amount in arrears, and negotiate deferred payment plans in keeping with system policy. A written hearing record will be prepared and maintained on file by the systems representative.
b. A copy of this record if deferred payment is required will be provided the systems accountant for proper recording of accounts payable.

4. Customers may Avoid Termination of water service by

a. Signing a deferred payment plan specifying payment terms.
b. Paying the amount in arrears plus any service fee in accordance with the system fee schedule, to the system representative PRIOR to actual termination of water service.

5. Deferred Payment Plan Policy:

a. There will be a written agreement on all deferred payment plans. Deferred payment amounts shall be in addition to the regular service bill amount.
b. Maximum length of deferred payment plan shall not exceed 12 months.
c. Minimum payment amounts shall be $5.00 weekly, $10.00 twice monthly or $30.00 monthly.
d. Deferred payment plans will bear interest on the unpaid balance of ____% per annum.

6. Restoration of Service after Termination for NON-Payment:

a. Satisfy the amount in arrears in full, and
b. Pay an additional service fee for reconnection in accordance with the Fee Schedule of the system.

7. Policy Changes:

Policies are subject to change as required and deemed necessary by a 2/3-majority vote of the Board of Directors. Procedures are subject to change by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.