Tips for Saving Money on Water Bills

Hey HoneyThe commode won’t stop running

Do you want to receive a high-water bill next month, or maybe a few months from now?  Just let that commode keep running and you will get the bill you were not expecting. Many customers do not realize over time how much water, an overflowing commode can discharge. Your wasted water is your money wasted

One commode can discharge from three (3) to five (5) gallons of water per minute. Over a twenty-four-hour period that could equal from 4,320 gallons to as high as 7,200 gallons per day of water, literally down the drain, and your hard-earned money right behind it.

Simply put it could mean somewhere between seventeen ($17.00) dollars to twenty-eight ($28.00) dollars per day, down the proverbial drain. If left un-checked in one week, your water use, and your water bill can increase by as much as one hundred and ninety-six dollars ($196.00)*. Over a months’ time that’s a house or car payment chasing the water down your drain.

*The dollar amounts expressed here may not be the exact amounts, but are used to inform our customers the results that can occur from something as simple as a commode that will not stop running.