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Water Services Policy

It is the policy of CDWS to insure satisfactory service. Each demand for service should be evaluated relative to the dynamics of the distribution system in the requested area, as well as, anticipated growth resulting in increased demand. Sparta aquifer draw down rates affecting the future supply of “potable” water to the system is also a consideration.

Cheniere-Drew Water System Water Service Procedure

Residential Service:

a. Residential service is that, which will be used to provide potable water for domestic activities normally associated with a residential structure. These activities would normally consist of cooking, washing and bathing, for which the water is supplied through the residential plumbing within the home structure(s). These activities can normally be satisfied with the installation of a water meter sized 1″ or less.
b. Any request for water service by a customer for residential service can be processed without delay where the system has not previously determined that limited demand is required due to unavailability of either water quantity, or pressure, or the property developer is in non-compliance with state, local or system requirements. These exceptions should be examined on an individual basis and the customer should be informed of any such limitations at the time of application for service or within 5 working days thereafter.
c. Board approval is not required of the operator for normal residential water service taps or connections.

Non-Typical Residential Water Service:

a. Residential water service connection greater than 1″ is considered “Non-Typical” service.
b. All “Non-Typical service must be approved by the Board of Directors.
c. Some customer applications may indicate that a water meter sized greater than 1″ is requested. These customers will be required to provide adequate justification as to the need for the larger water meter instillation. This precaution is required because the larger meters usually indicate that a larger flow rate than “normal residential service” is expected.
d. Each customer requesting the “non-typical” meter installation will be required to provide plumbing calculations, including flow rates and minimum pressure requirements, attached to the application. This should allow for proper evaluation as to the need for this service as well as the ability of the Water Company to fulfill the request. Each customer will be informed that application is being reviewed and will not be approved for installation until a final evaluation has been made of the request for the ” non-typical ” service. Commercial water use is considered non-typical in a residential application.

Please note: In some installations a back flow prevention device may be required to comply with local and state health department guidelines. At this time annual certification of this device is also required.

e. Those customers that indicate that water service will be used for lawn sprinkler systems will be required to install separate meters for this use. This provision for water for such uses will not be considered an inherent obligation of the water system and such use may be denied where such service would be detrimental to proper service to customers requiring residential service within the service area. Consideration to the provision of water for lawn sprinkler systems will be based upon the following minimum general requirements:

1. The customer will be required to limit withdrawal rates to a flow rate determined in the evaluation.
2. The customer will be provided with the expected residual pressure at the tap to facilitate the proper design of a sprinkler system, which will satisfy his/her needs.
3. A timer is required on the sprinkler system, which is to be set for operation during low-demand periods of the system (normally night periods).
4. A shut-off valve will be installed to provide elimination of withdrawal should emergency conditions be declared by the water system.
5. An approved pressure vacuum breaker should be installed on the customer’s side of the water meter. New rules promigated by the LA Department of Health and Hospitals require the home owner to install, and maintain, a certified back flow preventer, for any instillation of a sprinkler system or swiming pool.
6. The water meter shall be limited in size based upon the results of the evaluation.

Additional Water Uses:

In cases where the application for service indicated that fire sprinklers would be installed within the structure, individual evaluation must be performed prior to acceptance of the application or instillation of a fire service meter. This evaluation is recommended to help assure proper service and to provide protection to the water system. A back flow prevention system must be installed in conjunction  with a “Fire Service Meter” seperate from or in tandum with the normal water service meter.

Full disclosure of the ability of the water system to fulfill the request of a customer is appropriate at the point of application and helps eliminate confusion and dissatisfaction, and, in addition, allows the customer time to adjust or alter the desired plumbing needs at their point of use.